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Becoming an External Quality Assurer
Our team of External Quality Assurer’s (EQA’s) act as our front line staff in our centres. We rely on them to maintain our stringent quality standards so that centres, learners and employers can be assured that our qualifications are the ones you can rely on to get the job done.


Each EQA has the knowledge and hands-on experience that makes them an expert in their field, but it is their additional skills and experience that makes them an External Quality Assurer. Because they share our values of excellence, engagement, integrity and innovation, centres and learners can rely on them for advice and guidance and to share best practice and ideas.

The Role

The role of the EQA is varied. However the primary objective is to ensure that all assessments undertaken within our centres are fair, valid, consistent and meet the requirements of the qualification standards. Where there are problems, they are on hand to provide guidance and support. In practice this means:

making regular visits to centres and assessment locations to sample candidate assessments and monitor assessment and verification practice in centres
sampling portfolios sent to them (remote monitoring)
providing written and verbal feedback to centres as required by Future™ and preparing reports for Future™
maintaining accurate up to date records on activities undertaken

With an ever increasing number of centres across the country now offering our range of qualifications, it is no surprise to know that we can offer a great opportunity for subject specialists within their sectors.

EQA Application
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