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OCR Functional Skills
FutureQuals are delighted to announce a new partnership to offer the OCR Functional Skills suite of qualifications. Our partnership with OCR enables FutureQuals approved centres to deliver OCR Functional Skills Qualifications in English, Maths and ICT at both Level 1 and Level 2.

The OCR Functional Skills are free standing qualifications designed to give learners the necessary skills to operate confidently, effectively and independently in education, work and everyday life. Centres will benefit from the opportunity of on-demand assessment using different modes of delivery including both computer based assessment and paper assessments.

Not only will centres benefit from the on demand assessments and the choice of paper based and on-screen testing, OCR can guarantee a faster turnaround time of results and certificates, in as little as 15 days. Also, there are several resources freely available to approved centres as well as initial assessments to gauge a learner’s current level of understanding and diagnostic tools to assess progress and identify the specific gaps in knowledge a learner may have.

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