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FutureQuals Functional Skills FAQ's

What are Functional Skills?

Functional Skills are available across three subjects (Functional English; Functional Mathematics; and Functional ICT). FutureQuals offers Functional Skills at level 1 and 2.

The FutureQuals Functional Skills qualifications are designed to bring real-life into the learning environment. The qualifications and assessments explore relevant topics, in authentic scenarios, and deliver transferable knowledge, skills and understanding relevant to everyday life.

Who are Functional Skills available to?

Functional Skills are available to all learners from the age of 14

What are the Functional Skills Standards?

The Skills Standards are technical documents that outline the knowledge, skills and understanding that each learner must meet in order to complete each qualification.

How does the qualification delivery model operate?

The FutureQuals Functional Skills Qualifications are delivered online through the XAMS system. The procedure for registering learners, scheduling and delivering assessments can be found on the Functional Skills homepage.

What are the costs for Functional Skills?

The registration and certification fees can be found on the qualification pages and Fact Sheets for each of the qualifications.

Can learners take practice tests?

Sample assessments are available on the FutureQuals website.

When are results issued?

Once completed, the learner submits their test for marking and awarding through the electronic platform. Centres will be issued with results within 16 working days. Learners will be certificated in line with the timescales published in our Customer Service Statement.

How do I apply for a Reasonable Adjustment?

For details on how to apply for reasonable adjustments and special considerations, please see the Reasonable Adjustments and Special Considerations Policy.

Do you provide paper based assessment?

Paper-based assessments are available on request, if it will reduce the effect of a disability or difficulty that places a learner at a substantial disadvantage in an on-line assessment situation. For further information please see the Reasonable Adjustments and Special Considerations Policy.

Can bilingual dictionaries be used?

Yes, but the learner must complete their response in English

Where can I find information about setting up an examination room?

The JCQ Regulations provides this information and can be found on the JCQ website

If a learner fails, when can they resit?

Learners are permitted to resit an external assessment, where they are not successful. Learners must wait at least two weeks before re-attempting the external assessment.

It is the centres responsibility to prepare learners for assessment and ensure the approach to re-sits is appropriate.

How many times can a learner re-sit?

Learners can re-sit as many times as required, dependant upon the availability of live papers. They should be discouraged from repeated re-sits in a limited time period and be provided with further teaching and learning to support successful achievement of the qualifications.

How are Functional Skills graded?

Functional Skills are Achieved/Not Achieved qualifications

Who will issue our certificates?

Formal certificate of achievement including the full qualification title and the title of the components achieved is issued by FutureQuals.

What is the guidance for Functional Skills teaching staff?

Centre staff must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Tutors to have relevant teaching experience and/or a qualification in the relevant subject area.
  • Not a mandatory requirement, but best practice: Assessors to hold the relevant D32/D33/A1/TAQA unit(s) and Level 3 Award in Education and Training.
  • Not a mandatory requirement, but best practice: Internal Verifiers to hold the relevant D34/V1/IQA unit(s).

Centres are responsible for ensuring that thier staff have access to appropriate training and support. They are also responsible for notifying FutureQuals of any staff changes.

Ofqual Reasonable Adjustments
FutureQuals Functional Skills Operational Handbook
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