The health and safety of our employees and associates is of utmost importance to us. Based on government advice, we have activated our Business Contingency Plan in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This means that for now and where possible, our employees and associates will be performing their roles remotely and not visiting customers or centres in person.

This way of working is not unusual to us and our whole infrastructure has been designed to allow for maximum flexibility and not reliant on any single fixed location for business operations and continuity.

Our Business Contingency Plan is based on the use of cloud based solutions for information collaboration and sharing, QMIS for day to day transactions with our customers and face to face video meetings with Zoom.

We acknowledge this is a dynamic situation and will follow the Government advice as it develops its strategy to overcome this situation.

In summary, we are going to work slightly differently behind the scenes for a while. With your understanding and support, FutureQuals will endeavour to operate just as we always do.


Chris Young
Managing Director



Message from the Executive Management Board

  • We would like to assure all our customers, centres and associates that FutureQuals has fully implemented its business contingency plans. Our phone lines and email support accounts are still in full operation. Access to QMIS for registrations and achievement claims also remain in full operation. All FutureQuals staff are now working remotely from home and are still available to provide you with whatever support is needed.  For specific quality assurance dispensation/adaptation considerations,  please email all applications to

Reminder to Centres and Request from the Executive Management Board (EMB)

  • Centres and Associates are reminded of the importance to assist FutureQuals in our Business Contingency Planning by completing the essential Demand versus Supply analysis using Doodle Poll. Your assistance with providing an update on your status is full appreciated.

First Aid Qualifications

  • First Aid Awarding Organisation Forum – Statement from HSE and DfE relating to certificate expiry is located here:
  • Direct link to the HSE website is located here:
  • (NEW!) – HSE have released advice on first aid requirements in non-healthcare settings during the outbreak, as well as first aid cover and qualifications, which is located here:
  • (NEW!) – Joint statement by the First Aid Awarding Organisation Forum and First Aid Quality Partnership. This statement has been adapted to provide instructions directly to Centres for the purpose of delivering regulated first aid qualifications during the COVID-19 pandemic, which is located here:

The Department for Education

  • Released their apprenticeship response to Covid-19, which is located here:
  • The Secretary of State for Education, writes to the Chief Regulator, Ofqual, on the Direction for vocational and technical qualifications (VTQ), which is located here:
  • The DfE have agree to a pragmatic approach to the award of Early Years Educator (EYE) and Early Years Practitioner (EYP) qualifications, as follows: Early Years Educator and Early Years Practitioner Qualifications which include externally assessed assessments will have those assessments estimated/calculated. Placement hours will be managed pragmatically with the overarching consideration being that the EYE criteria or EYP criteria, as appropriate, have been met during the learners time on the programme. In order to ensure the EYE or EYP criteria have been met, internal assessments may be adapted; appropriate alternative assessment methods will be evidenced i.e. direct observation where possible or professional discussion, witness testimony, etc.

Institute of Apprenticeships & Technical Education (IFATE)

  • Have released their response to the Covid-19 outbreak, which is located here:
  • An FAQ page is also in operation, which can be accessed here:
  • (NEW!) The IFATE is supporting a new temporary flexibility that will enable apprentices to take end point assessment (EPA) ahead of receiving their calculated functional skills qualifications (FSQ) later on in the summer. Full guidance can be accessed here:
  • (NEW!) It has been confirmed by IFATE that the current flexibilities/discretions will remain in place until at least the start of 2021. here:

Education and Skills Funding Agency

  • Have released their response to the covid-19 outbreak, which is located here:

Ofqual (EPA EQAP) –

  • Have released their Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Ofqual regulated Apprenticeship End Point Assessments (EPAs) guidance, which is located here:


  • Have released their guidance for Adult Care EPA, which is located here:

Open Awards (EPA EQAP)

  • Have released their guidance for EPA, externally quality assured by IFATE, on behalf of Open Awards, which is located here:

Ofqual (Regulated Qualifications)

  • The complexity of the landscape for VTQ’s means a single approach is not appropriate. A statement from Ofqual, can be located here:
  • (NEW!) Ofqual have officially launched the Extraordinary Regulatory Framework (ERF) on 22nd May 2020 following the conclusion of its consultation. along with supporting guidance. This can be located here:

Functional Skills – Calculated Results 

  • (NEW!) Further to previous correspondence all centres approved to deliver functional skills should now be in receipt of our guidance documents on Centre Assessment Grades and the process on submitting your judgements for consideration towards a calculated grade. If you have not received your link to a series of Jotforms, please contact
  • (NEW!) 19/08/2020 Following a recent statement from Ofqual regarding  Centre Assessment Grades for VTQs and particularly relating to Functional Skills for Futurequals, we would like to reassure all learners that the grades that have been given during the process are valid and reliable.  We have worked closely with our Centres to gather evidence of prior learning and attainment to obtain the grades given.  At no time has any algorithms been used in the grading process.

Regulated Qualifications – Adaptation

  • (NEW!) Approved Centres are reminded that all adaptation requests must be logged with and approved by the quality assurance team prior to use. Please email and provide as much detail as possible in order for your application to be considered. It is important to remember that all adaptations are time-limited and will cease when the extraordinary regulatory framework (ERF) has been switched off by the regulator. The ERF primarily applies to England, however it principles will also apply to Wales and Northern Ireland. For all Scottish Qualifications licensed under the SQA Accreditation, adaptations will be managed in accordance with their principles and are also time-limited.

Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA) Accreditation

  • FutureQuals continues to engage with SQA Accreditation on matters relating to SQA accredited qualifications offered by FutureQuals to determine whether adaptation is possible. A gentle reminder that no adaptations are permitted unless logged and approved by our Quality Assurance team, in line with Regulatory guidance.

Qualifications in Education and Training

  • The Education  & Training Foundation has released clarification notes covering the specific requirements of the Diploma, which is located here:
  • Additional guidance also regarding the Certificate and Award, as well as Assessor qualifications located here: