Certificate in Emergency Response Ambulance Driving at SCQF Level 6

Qualification Overview

The Certificate in Emergency Response Ambulance Driving SCQF Level 6 has been developed to meet the core requirements of NHS Ambulance Trusts for learners working or intending to work as emergency ambulance clinical practitioners and emergency care support staff. This qualification meets the requirement for ambulance service drivers to claim exemptions under the road traffic act and to operate to the specification of the high speed driver training regulations of the Department for Transport.

This qualification has been designed with extensive input from NHS Ambulance Service Trust Employers. The requirement for competency is driving underpinned by knowledge of legislation but also the requirement for competency in safe response to emergency calls and the conveyance of patients to the definitive place of care.

Qualification Facts

QANR482 04
Credit Value23
Product CodeSQAERAD

Qualification Specification

Ambulance in motion