Level 1

Functional Skills in English (Closed for registrations)

Qualification Overview

The Functional Skills Qualification in English comprises of three separate assessment components: Reading; Writing; and Speaking, Listening and Communication.

Learners take each assessment individually and need to achieve all three components to pass the Functional Skills English Qualification.

Functional Skills English Reading

Functional Skills English Reading is designed to provide learners with the skills needed to demonstrate their reading skills in various contexts both in and out of work, or education.

At Level 1, learners will be provided with an on-line assessment paper and a resource booklet, containing the information which they are expected to read, understand and respond effectively.

The assessment will present two purposeful, scenario based tasks, each with a series of questions relating to the text.

Functional Skills English Writing

Functional Skills English Writing is designed to provide learners with the skills needed to demonstrate effective writing skills with confidence in work, education and everyday life.

At Level 1, learners will be presented with two purposeful scenario based writing tasks, each requiring a different type of written response, for example a letter, short report or an email enquiry.

Speaking, Listening and Communicating Skills

Functional Skills English Speaking, Listening and Communication provides learners with the skills needed to be able to interact with people with confidence. Learners will gain the ability to communicate in both working and social environments.

At Level 1, learners will be required to actively participate in two discussions, in which they will be expected to consider and respond to information, ideas and opinions exchanged and give their own opinion on subjects, some of which may be unfamiliar.

The Speaking, Listening and Communication component in English must be internally assessed through controlled assessment and externally moderated by FutureQuals.

Qualification Facts

TypeFunctional Skills
Product CodeFSEL1
Offered in an apprenticeship framework
Last Assessment Date31/10/2020
Last Certification Date31/12/2020

Qualification Specification

English Functional Skills