Qualification Types

Qualifications regulated by Ofqual, Qualification Wales and CCEA Regulation must:

  • Be assigned a level
  • Have a size, expressed in terms of Total Qualification Time (TQT); and, where appropriate, Guided Learning Hours (GLH)

Qualifications on the SCQF framework in Scotland have 12 levels, which increase in difficulty from SCQF Level 1 for basic learning, to SCQF Level 12, for learning at doctoral level. The levels therefore indicate the complexity of learning. the number of credit point indicates the volume of learning required to achieve a qualification.

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Important Information

Learner Registration and Certification claims

All learner registrations and certification claims for qualifications must be made online via the Qualifications Management Information System (QMIS).

Downloads: QMIS User Form | User Agreement

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An award is the smallest type of qualification, worth one to 12 credits or between 10 and 120 Total Qualification Time

1-12 Credits

10-120 hrs


A certificate is worth between 13 and 36 credits or  between 130 and 360 Total Qualification Time

13-36 Credits

130-360 hrs


A certificate is worth between 13 and 36 credits or between 130 and 360 Total Qualification Time

37+ Credits

370+ hrs