SCQF Level 7

Diploma for Ambulance Technicians

Qualification Overview

The Diploma for Ambulance Technicians at SCQF Level 7 will help support learners continual professional development, learners will gain knowledge of the underlying concepts and associated principles within your area of study, including the ability to evaluate and interpret these. They will assess, treat and manage service users (reducing the need for hospital admission), either referring users to alternative care provision or safely discharging them on scene. This qualification is nationally recognised by the NHS Ambulance Trusts and Private Ambulance Service providers and has been designed with focus on key skills and knowledge for the learner who is wanting to qualify as an ambulance technician.

This qualification was previously titled Diploma for Associate Ambulance Practitioners. The change in title in no way alters or amends the content of the qualification. Both qualifications, Diploma for Associate Ambulance Practitioners and Diploma for Ambulance Technicians at SCQF Level 7 are exactly the same qualification and this change of title will not affect the qualification status for learners that have previously been certificated.

The Diploma for Ambulance Technicians at SCQF Level 7 is recognised as equivalent to the FAQ Level 4 Diploma for Associate Ambulance Practitioners in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Qualification Facts

QANR483 04
Credit Value146
Product CodeSL7DAT

Qualification Information

Qualification Specification

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