Qualifications Management Information System (QMIS)

Our online Qualifications Management Information System, can be used to:
• Register learners
• Register grades
• Track learner progress through to certification

You can use this system if you are an approved centre of FutureQuals. To get access you will need to apply for a user account. You will need to get authorisation from your head of centre to set up a new account.

The FutureQuals learner registration file and instructions can be found here

Click the following links for details of the FutureQuals QMIS Terms and Conditions and User Registration Form.

Registration and achievement upload FAQ’s

Below are some Q and A’s to help with the registration and achievement upload process

It is a centre’s responsibility to confirm the identity of a learner as part of its registration process. A centre may do this by requesting sufficient personal data and a unique learner number (ULN) to ensure the learner can be clearly and uniquely identified.

The use of a ULN is now a mandatory requirement for publicly funded education and when submitting Individualised Learner Record (ILR) returns. Centres must have systems in place to ensure that an individual completing an assessment is the person he/she is claiming to be. Therefore, centres are required to ensure that each learner’s identification is checked and that the type of identification provided by each learner is recorded before assessments are undertaken. FutureQuals External Quality Assurers will check this record during quality assurance monitoring activities.

The following would be permitted proof of a learner’s Identity:

• a valid passport (any nationality)
• a signed UK photo card driving licence
• valid warrant card issued by HM Forces or the Police
• other photographic ID card, e.g. employee ID card (must be current employer), student ID
card, travel card
• UK biometric residence permit
If an assessment is taking place in a learner’s place of work and a learner is unable to supply any of
the above, authentication of a learner’s identity by a third-party representative, for example his/her
line manager or a member of his/her workplace Human Resources Team can be accepted.

Problems logging in?

Please follow the appropriate instructions in the QMIS User Guide to solve the problem you are encountering when trying to log-in to our secure Qualifications Management Information System (QMIS) for registering and certificating learners..

Forgotten your password?

Please click the forgotten password link in the top right hand corner of the QMIS login page. We will then email you a new password for your QMIS account. It is recommended that you change your password to a memorable word after logging in. Your password must contain both letters and number and be greater than 8 characters in length.
Forgotten your user ID?

If you have forgotten your user ID, please contact us on 01530 836662.

Our secure Qualifications Management Information System (QMIS) for registering and certificating learners.

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