Centre Support

Centre Administration

This section contains information on our range of centre resources which you will need to manage your administration in a quick and easy manner.

These interactive services are designed to save you both and time and money.

Providing our Qualifications

If you are not yet an approved centre with FutureQuals you can find out more by clicking here.

If you are ready to apply you can download the application form by accessing the new centre link.

If you are already approved with FutureQuals and want to offer more of our qualifications please download and complete the Additional Qualifications form and return to FutureQuals for consideration.

Centre Fees

Our fees will vary according to the product or service you require. Please see our qualifications pages for registration and certification fees. For centre approval and administration fees, refer to the Fee’s and Pricing List list.

Learner Registrations

For details about learner registrations and how to complete them online visit our learner registrations information page.

Policies and Procedures

Centre Operations Manual

The FutureQuals Centre Operations Manual is a key reference tool for approved centres and contains all the essential information you need to work with us. It also provides an insight into how we work with prospective and new centres.

The Manual includes our Centre Contact which is at the heart of our relationship with our centres and outlines how we work together and what is expected of both FutureQuals and our customers. It is important that centres and prospective centres understand this contract because once approved, centres are required to comply with it.

For support and further information, please contact: info@futurequals.com

Customer Service

FutureQuals aims to constantly monitor the levels of service we provide. Information about our services and the cost of those services is freely available. Feedback is encouraged and welcomed on the quality and content of all areas of service we provide.

It is our goal to ensure you get the best possible service. However, we acknowledge that we don’t always get things right. If this happens, we need to know about your complaints, so that we can put things right.
If you want to make a complaint, FutureQuals has a Complaints Policy which will inform you of the process you need to follow.

If, after having read this policy, you want to speak to someone about complaints, you can contact our Customer Support Team at info@futurequals.com

How do I appeal?

If you want to appeal a result or a particular decision we’ve made, FutureQuals has an appeals policy which covers enquiries about results, assessment and approval decisions.

If, after having read this policy, you want to speak to someone about appeals, you can contact our Customer Support Team at info@futurequals.com

Using Our Logo

If you are a FutureQuals approved centre you may apply to use the FutureQuals logo on your website, stationery and promotional materials.

Please email your centre number, centre name and centre address to info@futurequals.com
You will then be sent the FutureQuals logo, terms and conditions and licence for use.

We will also undertake a number of checks and if satisfactory we will send you the logo within 5 working days. All artwork should be checked by FutureQuals prior to going to print or publishing on the internet.

The logo is usually sent out as a full colour jpeg, however if you require it in any another format please indicate this in your email.

For information including terms and conditions relating to the use of the FutureQuals logo please see our Centre Operations Manual

For all other logo queries please contact Centre Support by email at info@futurequals.com or by calling

01530 836662

Our Centre Support Team are available to take your call Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm, UK Time Excluding Bank Holidays.

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