FutureQuals Functional Skills

A unique approach to learning

FutureQuals offer Functional Skills qualifications in English and Mathematics at Level 1 and Level 2 to approved Centres, Colleges and Training Providers.

FutureQuals Functional Skills Qualifications are innovative skills-based qualifications that support learners to operate effectively and confidently in education, employment and everyday life.

We have developed an approach that supports both quality and versatility in qualification design, so that we can deliver these skills effectively to the full spectrum of learners who require them, irrespective of their educational setting.

What you can expect from FutureQuals Functional Skills Qualifications

  • High quality, valid and reliable assessment materials including sample assessments, resources and guidance materials
  • Dedicated Functional Skills web pages
  • Accessible and engaging on-screen assessment
  • On-demand assessment
  • Fast results
  • Feedback about performance from each assessment series
  • Up-to-date information, advice and support from a well-informed and experienced customer support team.

Functional Skills Qualifications

Functional Skills are available in two subjects areas (Functional English and Functional Mathematics). FutureQuals offers Functional Skills Qualifications at level 1 and 2.

The FutureQuals Functional Skills qualifications are designed to bring real-life into the learning environment. The qualifications and assessments explore relevant topics, in authentic scenarios, and deliver transferable knowledge, skills and understanding relevant to everyday life.

Speaking, Listening and Communicating is a fundamental part of Functional Skills Qualifications in English. This component (at Level 1 and Level 2) are internally marked by the centre and externally moderated by FutureQuals.

FutureQuals have developed a series of training and standardisation videos for approved centres to access. These videos are to help and support centres deliver the Speaking, Listening and Communicating component of Functional Skills Qualifications in English at Level 1 and Level 2. Centres need to complete the training exercises prior to undertaking live assessments. This is to ensure that the SLC component is being marked to the required standard by centres.

Approved centres can access the videos through the link below. Centres will require a password to take them through to the site.

The password can be obtained from our Customer Support team at customersupport@futurequals.com

Assessment Platform Guidance

FutureQuals uses the XAMS © platform for centres to administer the scheduling of learner assessments and for learners to undertake online, onscreen assessments.

Before a learner can undertake a Reformed Functional Skills live assessment in English or Mathematics,  an approved centre must download and install the “Safe Exam Browser” on the computer being used for the assessment. This browser locks down the computer being used for the assessment, so that learners cannot access any other part of the computer.

Approved centres must contact the Functional Skills team at functionalskills@futurequals.com to be provided with a link to access and download the Secure Exam Browser.

Accessing the Sample Assessment Materials does not require use of the Secure Exam Browser. These are available on the individual qualification pages, under the ‘Sample Assessments’ section.

Learners who are undertaking legacy Functional Skills ICT should not use the Secure Exam Browser as the assessment permits access to the internet.

  • XAMS Centre User Guide – This guide can now be found on our Existing Centres page.
  • XAMS Terms and Conditions – This guide can now be found on our Existing Centres page.
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