FAQ Level 2

Award in Mental Health: Workplace Responder

Qualification Overview

The purpose of the FAQ Level 2 Award in Mental Health: Workplace Responder is to provide Learners with knowledge and understanding in relation to mental health conditions and episodes. It covers the nature of mental health conditions and mental health episodes and the roles, responsibilities, legislation and best practices relating to managing mental health in the workplace.

The qualification is aimed at individuals who intend to work as mental health workplace responders, but it is also relevant to other employees and managers intending to develop their knowledge of mental health conditions.

Qualification Facts

QAN603/7367/2 and C00/4531/3
Credit ValueNon-credit based
Qualification Product CodeL2AMHWR
Offered in an apprenticeship framework
Resit FeeFirst online resit is free. Second online resit is £6.00 per assessment
Offered InEngland and Wales

Qualification Overview Specification

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