FAQ Level 4

Diploma in Emergency Response Ambulance Driving Instruction (RQF)

Qualification Overview

The FAQ Level 4 Diploma in Emergency Response Ambulance Driving Instruction (RQF) (DERADI®) provides a trainee driving instructor with the enhanced knowledge, behaviours, understanding and skills required to instruct, coach, support and assess Learners in the delivery of routine and emergency response ambulance demonstration driving, including knowledge and understanding of the driving legislation, regulation, standards and agreed ways of working to a safe and competent level, as set out in the High Speed Driver Training Competencies.

Learners will understand the human factors than can influence attitude to risk for a developing emergency response ambulance driver. This will focus on 3 main areas; completion of the Ambulance Driver Risk Index [ADRI]; developing a working knowledge of the Goals for Education [GDE] framework and completion of the Driving Instructor Ambulance Driver Risk Index to measure progression and development.

DERADI® is a registered trademark of Future (Awards and Qualifications) Ltd.

Qualification Facts

QN(s)603/0393/1 and C00/2291/6
Offered inEngland and Wales
Credit Value83
GL361 hours
TQT834 hours
Qualification Product CodeL4DERADI
Registration Length2 years
Registration Fee£350

Qualification Specification

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